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Rear Differential Fluid Change

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Hello all,
I took my 2019 Pilot today to the dealer where I purchased it for the maintenance minder B16 service. After I left, I noticed on my receipt that for the differential oil they used was something called “Syncro Shift 75W80” fluid and not the recommended Dual Pump II differential fluid shown in the owner’s manual. I did a little research and found that the Syncro Shift fluid is made by a company called BG out of Wichita, Kansas. I also called the service manager and talked to him about it, and he proceeded to tell me this brand fluid was better than the recommended DPII Honda fluid. He assured me that it wouldn’t void any warranties etc., but I’m not sure what to think. Has this situation happened to anyone else in this group? Should I specify on my next change to use only Honda fluids etc?? Thanks in advance.
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Good thing you kept the 3rd quart. Book says 1.92 qts, both of mine needed a little more than 2 quarts to get to the full mark per the factory instructions.


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