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Hi guys

I recently bought a used 2009 LX with 50K miles on it. Runs smooth as silk, it is very hard to tell when it goes into ECO mode if I'm not looking for the light.

I'm wondering whether there is any reason for me to disable VCM at all? BTW, I'm leaning towards S-VCM if I go for it, and would like to know whether anybody using that has connected the power wire to a switched source to prevent battery drain. In other words, does S-VCM need continuous power, or only when it is running?

I personally believe whether your particular vehicle behaves or misbehaves with is far better for the long term health and driveability of your vehicle to go ahead and disable the VCM. I have the S-VCM Controller and just moved it from my wife's 11 Pilot with 170k miles to our recently purchased 13 Acura RDX with 55k miles. I went with the S-VCM because of the way it works in comparison to the others on the was the best fit for me.

With regard to S-VCM power connection...I connected directly to the battery...believing it unnecessary to connect to switched power. My understanding is there is a small continuous current draw with the S-VCM...but that draw is comparitively very small...less draw than the remote lock /unlock system in the vehicle which remains ready to receive signal from your key fob to lock / unlock the doors.

In my experience so far...the S-VCM works as advertised and creates no battery issues whatsoever. You install it and it just works...transparently.
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