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Well, after about six transmission complaints, one transmission services, and as many "we can't replicate the issue" responses from our local dealer, our 2017 Elite's transmission finally STB last night. My wife was driving, and got two graphic warnings on the dashboard: "Transmission System Problem" and "Blind Spot Info System Problem." She had to drive it home (about 10 miles) at 35, and I took it in this morning with 42,500 on the odometer.

When I spoke with the service manager, I showed him the photos, and told him that I could replicate the previously reported issues of slippage in park, hard shifts, and "lugging" or "surging" while in gear. Our biggest issues are with the 4-5 and 5-6 shifts, with the lugging most noticeable at about 25 mph on flat ground, with it also noticeable at speed in 8 or 9. I told him that if his foreman couldn't replicate it, I would drive the car and show him. Today, we got a call that yes, in fact they are seeing the exact issues I reported, and are "looking at it." They also indicate that it might be a software issue.

This is our second Pilot (we still own our first, a 2006 EX-L 4x4 with Navi and 190k), but this one has been a huge disappointment, from the transmission to the ridiculous and user-hostile nav system, to the nanny systems on both the nav and the auto shut-off. I've looked for updates on the nav operating system, but can only find map updates which is NOT what I'm looking for - more of an OS update really.

Hoping to know more tomorrow, but you've got a loyal Honda family about to walk away over this one.


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