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What do you think of a monthly Zaino purchase?

  • Yeaah, why not...never know when I\'ll get the urge to Zaino!

    Votes: 6 100.0%
  • Naaah.....I will never have a desire to use the best auto polish system/products in the universe....

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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:( I missed the first Zaino group buy.....
How about another one? bout one every month or so?

While there are not enough Pilots out there to use much Zaino, there are lots of cars, and Pilot ownership is not a prerequisite to it?


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Zaino will only do GBs for a board 2x or 3x/yr. Only registered members are eligible -- it's not a free-for-all across all car forums -- Zaino hates that, and will discontinue GBs when that occurs.

Send in your order NOW and it will be honored. Act fast.

You can EMAIL me, through Sunday, for the code if for whatever reason you were unable to access it through the site's GP functionality or didn't send an email for an autoresponse during the first week+ the buy was happening.
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