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Wrench/socket size of oil drain bolt?

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What is the size in mm for a wrench or socket to use on removing and reinstalling drain plug for engine change?
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The oil change is pretty easy indeed. You will need a little muscle to get the drain plug loose the first time. It was tight!!! Everything else is very simple. However, even though you don’t need to, I’m going to use jack stands next time.
hoppy said:
Since the factory oil has additives for engine breakin before the 7500 miles service, what is the rationale for changing oil before 7500? I guess some members are changing oil/filter around 3750 miles.
I changed mine around 4000. There is no proof that there any additives. There are several independent studies that corroborate this, btw. I just felt better getting the petro-based oil out in the synthetic in.
xyzzy said:

While you are technically correct that it states "specially formulated", the essence of the message is that they do state that there is something different about the break-in oil and that you shouldn't drain it before the recommended schedule (3,750 or 7,000 based on usage). Many claim that it's additives, but I actually believe that it's more likely that its special because of what they DON'T put in the oil (i.e. - friction modifiers). The reason I (along with many others) believe this is that the reason they use the special oil is to allow the engine to develop natural wear patterns. Friction modifiers/anti-wear agents would slow down this break-in process (often quoted as the main reason that many have recommended against using a synthetic until X number of miles). This also answers your question of "why not use it all the time?" You want wear enough to break the engine in, but beyond that engine wear becomes something you want to prevent.

Can anyone give me a reason why I shouldn't believe that what Honda states about their oil in their own vehicles in this matter?

Then why do Honda's own people themselves not believe these claims of mouse milk oil??? I have called several dealers and they ALL stated that if it were THEIR Pilot, they would switch change oil at 3000 to 4000 miles tops. I switched to Mobil1 and the car is as smooth as can be. Even if there is some special oil, then 4000 miles is more then enough to establish wear patterns...
Changing the oil every 3k is too often in my opinion. 7.5k is ok even with petro-based oil.
Re: Oil Change

hoppy said:
I have a Mercedes C320 and the oil change is not required until 11 or 12 thousand miles (dictated by the computer). However, the Mercedes holds 8.5 quarts of synthetic oil.
Your Mercedes has a sensor that is continually monitoring the quality of the oil right???
hoppy said:
yes, also there is no dipstick to check level. everything is computer readout on the dash.
THAT would be sweet...

See, you truely do get what you pay for...
The crush washer should be replaced every time one changes the oil...
It's actually made out of aluminum...
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