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Wrench/socket size of oil drain bolt?

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What is the size in mm for a wrench or socket to use on removing and reinstalling drain plug for engine change?
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I know this thread is a month old, but...

Just curious if those of you who did your own oil change can shed some light on how it went?
Were the filter and the drain bolt easy to access? Is the filter your typical screw-on type, or is it a cartridge?
I recall someone mentioning in another thread about a "crush" washer that should be replaced when you put the drain bolt back on. Are those washers available at the dealer?

I don't have my Pilot yet, but I plan on doing my own oil changes once I get it. I've always done my own oil changes. Sure, the dealer could do it cheaper and I wouldn't get dirty. But the problem I have with someone else doing it is that they aren't going to give it the same care and attention as I would. I know the job will be done right...I'm a perfectionist! (not always a good thing) :2:
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Thanks for the replies guys!

I also plan to use Mobil1.
Are there any warranty issues if you use a grade other than 10w30?
Isn't that what the Pilot takes?

I know most cars recommend several grades of oils, depending on what your temperatures will average. Mobil1 does not come in a 10w30, correct?
Worm, just out of curiousity...

How would you measure the torque on the filter?

Thanks for those specs, btw. :)
Sometimes my ignorance amazes me! :2:

Anyway, 16 lbft isn't much. I'd assume it just about "hand-tight".

Thanks for the info.

BTW...That's a big supply of filters you got there!
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