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Will Redrock come in saddle?

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Does anyone know for sure if they will be offering Redrock Pearl with the saddle interior here in the US?

On another forum, a guy that works at the CAN plant spoke of RP's coming out in both fern and saddle. I suspect that the saddles are only for CAN, but I can't find any web site that shows different colors for CAN models.

Anyone know?

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According to my Honda Pilot brochure, as well as Honda's Pilot website, the U.S. Redrock Pearl interior only comes in gray. I agree that red/tan would be a better combo (just like the red MDX).
Yeah, I have the brochure too. It's just that this guy was pretty adamant about the plant shipping RP's with saddle AND fern.

Have you taken a look at the RP on the front? Hmm... could it be saddle? Looks awfully light for fern which is pretty dark. Also makes sense because the MDX RP's come in saddle.
Many of the pre-production Honda Pilot pictures are of a red pilot with a tan interior. I think they changed the red. The pre-production red looked a lot lighter than Redrock Pearl. I actually like the lighter red.

There are a ton of redrock pearl Odysseys where I live. While the color is nice, to me it seems a bit on the dark side. Especially on cloudy days or at dusk, it gets a dull "plum" tint to it. I wish Honda would have used Firepepper Red for the Pilot. Firepepper is the red used on Accords and Civics. It is lighter than Redrock, and really glitters in the sun.
I think it will com in gray only

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