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I own a 2008 Pilot, purchased in 2010 with 20k miles on it. Around 100k miles the headliner began failing, and now at 195k has completely failed. It also destroyed a torque converter at 140k miles, and needed a another torque converter and trans rebuild around 165k miles. It also needed a new “fancypants” fluid filled engine mount around 120k miles, and another around 180k miles. Not to mention impossible to track rattles from within the front passenger door, and that the timing belt and water pump need replaced every 110k miles.

I don’t mind the other part failures like the starter, throttle position sensor, and O2 sensors, but the latter stuff seems rather absurd for a Honda. The cabin air filter is also a piss poor design by some turd engineer that has never turned a wrench. Most forums seem to hold Pilots with high esteem, but I view mine as a liability and time bomb, and can’t wait to unload it on some poor unsuspecting bastard. And I suspect resale on ones like mine is so poor because dealers and KBB have gotten wise to how failure prone the first generation Pilots are.

Anyone else with a first gen or later that thinks Pilots are garbage? I’ve grown wise to the Honda/Acura cool-aid piss and find Toyotas to be a far superior option.
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