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White Pilots

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It seems that the most popular colors out there based on the number of pics and posts are Silver, Redrock, and Evergreen with some Havasu Blue and Black thrown in for good measure.

I don't think I've seen any pics or posts about the white pilots. I have a Silver Pilot on order but have yet to see a white one to see if I might like it better.

Anyone seen a white one? This seems to be the color in the lowest supply (and apparently demand?) :31:
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Re: white

I've got a white due to be delivered. I haven't seen one, only the photos on the honda site (BTW, the "Build Your Own" feature is working and really helped me visualize my Pilot with the exterior accessories).

I chose the white as I wanted an EX-L but didn't want black...too hot to drive here in South Texas. The first EX-L the dealer got was black; the next on the list was white, so I reserved it.
Wow, that looks snow I can hardly wait!
No, I haven't noticed this.
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