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White Pearl touch up paint 2018 Pilot

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Hi All,
I recently purchased a touch paint from Honda dealer to remove a search of my pumper. the base coat touch paint was way brighter than the car factory paint. anyone has the same issues. I could only find one shade of white so I know I didn't get the wrong color and it matches my door code. NH603P.
anyone has better luck.

I will be posting some picture next time to show the difference in color and hopefully a solution :)
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Buffing with a quality compound will smooth it out a lot, I'm sure.

New paint will never look like old paint/clearcoat after application. It has to be finished to get close to blending. Even if the color match isn't perfect, eliminating the surface defects and edges will go a long way toward making the repair difficult to see. Wet sanding, then buffing is better, but start with just the buff and see if that's acceptable.
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