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My 60 year old mom is kinda worrysome, here is a quick funny story.

She's going to change a lightbulb in a closet which means she'll be standing on a chair in the closet. Now, thinking ahead, she sticks her cell phone in her cleavage, thinking that if she has a fall or something, she can at least call me or my sister if there is a problem.

You see where this is going?? I swear it is a true story.....

She's telling my this story last weekend while visiting at my house..

Anyway, the bulb change was uneventful and she moved on to something else to clean....

She remembers that she needs to call her parents, as she does every Sunday evening, but cant remember where she left the cell. After looking for about 10 minutes or so.. she used the house phone to call her cell.

Yep, you guessed it, it vibrated, then rung right there under her chin, in her bra/bosom:D :D

FWIW, the phone is small and her cleavage is large.

It's kind of creepy telling a story that involves your mothers cleavage:eek:
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