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Hello All,

While working away at the small check list of things to do on the Pilot, I got a good deal on some Wheels last night. I am now doing calculations on fitment and I need your guys' help and suggestions.

Wheels are 18x8.5" American Racing wheels et0 all around. Lug pattern is 5x5 (came from a jeep, they have all the nice wheel setups!)

So, what I have calculated thus far (Using Busabos77's build thread as a reference point with his wheel setup):

(8.5" wide wheels with 0 offset) + (1.25" adapters to 5x5) = et-31.75 (Busabos77's ended up being -36mm with an 8" wheel from my calculations)

That being said, my wheel is .5" wider, so it ends up being almost the same amount of "poke" as his wheels. I think I can pull it off.

I still have to get a set of tires, but I'm thinking of getting nothing taller than 30". Was thinking either 245/60r18 (29.6x9.6r18) or 255/60r18 (30x10r18)

With your background on these cars, will it work in terms of clearance both vertically (fenders) and laterally with steering components while turning? Or do you think I should just abort the mission and we pretend I never asked?

EDIT: I forgot to ask.. My other concern is that the adapters to convert to 5x5 lug pattern are not hubcentric. All the adapters I've seen have 72mm hub bore, so it won't mate to the 64.1mm hub that we have. Will this make my steering wheel spaz out? Anyone run these kind of adapters?


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