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What's your next suv going to be?

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After a few years I might consider switching to Toyota when they release their new line up around 2022 per leaked sources. I'm looking for a V6 that will have a timing chain, an suv that have brake hold (had it on my MDX) and 360 camera. I might consider a Lexus too (had the 2019 RX450hl- sucked) once toyota/lexus updates their suv line.

What SUV are you considering next?
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Despite the high price the Tesla Model X SUV looks interesting. Slightly more affordable SUVs that could become a reality are the Passport or 4Runner.
The biggest wear and tear on a transmission isn't shifting, rather it is the driver.
Bad drivers can ruin any AT but Honda has a rep for weak trans that’s getting noticed.
Already got my next car, went with a Volvo XC90. It wasn't that much more per month and it blows the Honda away in every meaningful aspect I could possibly think of.

We considered the Palisade but my wife hated the interior and felt it all looked like cheap plastic. We liked the Telluride but they were impossible to get and dealers were asking more for the lease than our Volvo. I think we would have bought the Cadillac XT6 over the Volvo but we couldn't get the car the way we wanted it equipped. We were making seating, color and option concessions that made the decision absurd considering the cost. I think the only thing I miss of the Honda was the depressed storage bin in the back.

Overall I am much happier with the vehicle, I'll never look back and I doubt I'll ever buy a Honda again
Congratulations on the Volvo XC90! We will differ in advantages and disadvantages of Volvo vs Honda but as long as it makes you happy is all that counts.
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I moved this to the general section since its getting er shall we say "fun". My personal needs are changing. Confess, that my Pilot took its final ride a few weeks ago. There comes a time when rust gets to a car that lives its life in New England....It was still running sweetly but the subframe and sills were failing.....
We have all the cars we need as a family but there is potential if my kids college reopens for him to take the CRV there.... I'm likely heading away from an SUV towards a pick up.
Pick ups in the New England area won’t be immune to the affects of heavy winter salt usage. It just takes a bit longer for the full-frame versus the softer uni-body/sub frame combo. But check out that Honda Ridgeline.
De gustibus non est disputandum. Actually, there is lots of "disputandum"-ing that can occur. :)

2016 looks like a minivan
Ugh! What a waste of server space. Ongoing debate and B-fest on what the rugged Pilot has become and ought to look like. I’d say stick with the original. There must be a poll around here somewhere.....;)
Rugged Pilot? We (my mom bought her '04 when I just got my license so I put a ton of miles on it) have owned a first and second gen. We love them, they are great vehicles, but rugged they are not. I define rugged as being capable and durable in extreme torture conditions. Something a 4Runner with ladder frame and solid rear axle could handle. At the end of the day the Pilot is excellent at what it was made to do, but I would not use the word rugged to describe it.
Mostly agree but today “rugged” can be just a difference of opinion. Compared to its competitors the Pilot can be marketed as more robust and rugged for the adventurous soul seeking an suv that can do it all. I know my old Pilot needs plenty of TLC in order to make it to the next milestone 200K and it won’t do it by itself.
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"Nappa leather upholstery." Apparently they didn't skin those Nappa cows correctly. :D
Or they were unwashed Nipple cows from the Napa Valley
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