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What's your next suv going to be?

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After a few years I might consider switching to Toyota when they release their new line up around 2022 per leaked sources. I'm looking for a V6 that will have a timing chain, an suv that have brake hold (had it on my MDX) and 360 camera. I might consider a Lexus too (had the 2019 RX450hl- sucked) once toyota/lexus updates their suv line.

What SUV are you considering next?
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If the next pilot has 360, pano and brake hold I'd consider it BUT don't necessarily trust the transmission if it's going to be the 10 speed. Yes it'll be their in house transmission (which honda is not known to be good at) but 10 gears, by the time I drive to the stop sign it'll have shifted so many times, I can just imagine the wear and tear on these higher geared transmission in the long run.
Considering the 10 speed transmission is a 2WD transmission only, I doubt that it will be in the offering for the Pilot, and if by chance it is, I doubt that many will buy it. The 9 speed ZF transmission, (the people that build transmission Acura, Chrysler, Fiat, Honda, Jeep, Ram Trucks, Land Rover and Jaguar for some of their vehicles) was improved quite a bit for the 2019 models, addressing the issues of the 2017/2018 builds, both in hard ware design and software. There have been other improvements for the 2020 versions.

The biggest wear and tear on a transmission isn't shifting, rather it is the driver.

How can wear and tear be the driver? If I drive to the end of the street and it shifted 5 times and caused unnecessary wear on the clutch packs rather than a lower speed transmission that would hold the gear longer it's not the driver's fault. The biggest wear and tear on the transmission is heat, proven over and over.

As for the improved ZF addressing shift quality, I still don't trust the german zf transmission. Don't care how many people praise about the 8 speed.
FYI, the 10speed Honda tranny is used in both the 2wd and AWD SH-AWD RDXs. My wife has a 2020 SH-AWD RDX Tech package. I much prefer the 10speed over the ZF9 in mine. Not necessarily in shift quality but in probable reliability. I've already had mine replaced and had to the. Have the AT Computer swapped out a few months later the initial tranny swap. It went out on my after a rainstrom. Pilot would not into park so I had to get a flatbed to rescue me. Luckily it happened while I was in a parking lot and was able to get into a spot. Bit yeah, the 10speed seems to manage the power well and keep the car in the powerband longer. I like it and expect it to be in all their vehicles next gen. Let's hope they did a good job with them.

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How's the shift quality on the 10 speed? Do you notice any clunks, rough/harsh shifts like the 9speed dog clutches?

I assume that most car companies are going towards higher gears for mpg purposes but I'm still skeptical on reliability, like the honda 6 speed was great, then this 9 speed which shows it's fault and now to add another gear.
Peoples driving habits are one huge determent to a vehicles. I've owned and driven dozens of vehicles over my 50 years of driving, manual and automatic, not counting the various pieces of farm machinery I have driven. NEVER had one transmission issue. Regularly got 70K + on manual clutches.

I understand that the word Stop means the cessation of motion. Slow California roll in reverse while shifting to drive is a killer. Constant jack rabbit starts, towing loads with vehicles not designed to actually tow such a load. Lack of proper maintenance of the transmission. All things that decrease transmission life.

Yes but a majority of that causes break down in the fluid faster, more frequent fluid changes prolongs the life. But if you're talking about the way people drive that causes failures vs a bad design, you're wrong. Many ZF-9 owners not only to honda but other brands, drove it normally and I'm sure they weren't doing the things you mentioned and had tons of failure. There are crappy transmissions out there (not just honda), just because you didn't have a failure in 50 years doesn't mean new untested transmissions are reliable.
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