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What's your next suv going to be?

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After a few years I might consider switching to Toyota when they release their new line up around 2022 per leaked sources. I'm looking for a V6 that will have a timing chain, an suv that have brake hold (had it on my MDX) and 360 camera. I might consider a Lexus too (had the 2019 RX450hl- sucked) once toyota/lexus updates their suv line.

What SUV are you considering next?
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Worst case scenario it will be another midsize 3 row, likely one of the Koreans unless Honda comes out with something stellar. There's an off chance a Traverse or Enclave could work its way in since we really like ours. This is all assuming it's replacing my wife's Pilot. If any of them go turbo 4 only they will not be considered.

To replace my Traverse, if I go SUV I would probably head to the Suburban/Yukon XL. I like the Sequoia and Armada quite a bit but I'd rather get the extra space. And as long as Ford refuse to put a V8 in the Expedition it's not on my list. Outside shot at a Wrangler/Gladiator so I can get a manual and have fun with something that I can modify easily.
Not an SUV, nevertheless it's a Honda - and a hearse.
Honda Odyssey

I will need to update my will that my hearse cannot be a repurposed minivan... I spent so much time and effort in life avoiding minivans why would I want to be in one in death?
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Just for you, there's the Traverse model - available with either 2WD or 4WD:

Caddy or nothing.
That works for me.(y)

In the meantime, better reinforce the Impala's x-frame:

Have you been in my browser history? I just watched that video (and commented on it) an hour or so ago. Cool build but theirs was more gone than mine and I don't plan on taking mine nearly as far. Air ride, yes. W motor, yes. 500 hp, no. I'm targeting 300 out of the 348 I have in the barn. But I love the series.

Already got my next car, went with a Volvo XC90. It wasn't that much more per month and it blows the Honda away in every meaningful aspect I could possibly think of.

We considered the Palisade but my wife hated the interior and felt it all looked like cheap plastic. We liked the Telluride but they were impossible to get and dealers were asking more for the lease than our Volvo. I think we would have bought the Cadillac XT6 over the Volvo but we couldn't get the car the way we wanted it equipped. We were making seating, color and option concessions that made the decision absurd considering the cost. I think the only thing I miss of the Honda was the depressed storage bin in the back.

Overall I am much happier with the vehicle, I'll never look back and I doubt I'll ever buy a Honda again.

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I like the looks of the XT6 but it's based on the shortened version like the Acadia. If it was longer like the Traverse and Enclave I'd be more interested.

Also, I drove a first gen XC90 for quite a while with the turbo I6. I REALLY enjoyed driving it and outside of the lack of reliability would love to have owned it longer.
When is Kia and Hyundai going to get sued for ripping off other car companies styling? Very good copy of Range Rover. I wonder about the durability of the Hyundai/Kia models. I need to convince a gear head buddy to buy one and drive it for like 10 years and then let me know. I know a few people that have had good experiences, but they are the people that buy a car, drive it for 50k miles and sell it. Not 200k miles like me - ha ha.

Could I get a brand new 2006 Pilot 4WD EXL just like mine? Maybe packed in Cosmoline for the last 16 years? But with 5 milies instead of 256000 miles?
They aren't similar enough to get sued, the Kia has some similarities but it's still too different from a Range Rover. But if some people think it vaguely resembles and costs $50k fully loaded, they nailed it. The Palisade looks like nothing else in my opinion.

We have a 2008 Sonata SE V6 that my wife drove new off the lot. 163k miles. It got an idler pulley around 100k, a new compressor and condenser around 150k and a rear caliper around 140k. Other than that it has all been routine maintenance items. Currently on cold starts I get a slight timing chain rattle that is likely a dead tensioner. I could spend a day or two replacing it but at this point I'm having a hard time justifying the time to my wife since she'd be stuck with the kids while in the midst of PA school for a weekend.

My wife's family has had 3 or 4 other Hyundai products over the years, the highlights were an oil change tech didn't torque the drain bolt on a Sante Fe so the dealer got to install a new engine and my brother-in-law's Veloster had some blown speakers. Otherwise they have all been faithful vehicles and I wouldn't hesitate to get another.
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I moved this to the general section since its getting er shall we say "fun". My personal needs are changing. Confess, that my Pilot took its final ride a few weeks ago. There comes a time when rust gets to a car that lives its life in New England....It was still running sweetly but the subframe and sills were failing.....
We have all the cars we need as a family but there is potential if my kids college reopens for him to take the CRV there.... I'm likely heading away from an SUV towards a pick up.
Which pickup? I've had full and midsizers and outside of room for the young kids and their car seats I much prefer the midsizers for their maneuverability. Of course cost becomes and issue since they discount full sizers so much but don't discount midsizers much.
My dad won't consider Fords. He ended up getting a Sierra 1500 which I think looks really good. I was really impressed with the RAM but my dad still has those vestiges of old Dodges rotting away and having a lot of brake and cooling issues.
You know you want a RAM Limited with the Cummins turbodiesel engine.
Tell the wifey you'll need it, along with a gun rack, in order to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.
PASS... I prefer my trucks a little more simple. If I want a luxury vehicle I'll go buy a luxury vehicle. Give me a lower trim package and I'm good to go.

Also, I'm not towing 30,000 lbs up mountains, so unlike many who live in my County I don't need an HD pickup at all, let alone a diesel to park at my office and the local grocery store.
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It's not about what you need, it's about what you want.
That, and the image you're trying to project and being able to brag about what your TRUCK could do.

There are two barbers at the shop I (used) to patronize.
One drives a lifted RAM pick-up truck with a HEMI engine, while the other drives a Toyota Avalon Hybrid sedan.
I wouldn't go for a hybrid either, the enthusiast in me can't get behind that. Right now we are single income while my wife is attending PA school, it's all about needs right now. Maybe in 5 years once she graduates and pays off school we can look at wants.

Why not? You have a Honda Pilot with a trailer hitch and ATF cooler.
The Pilot and the Traverse both rarely notice my 2,000 lb utility trailer when it's fully loaded, hard to imagine upgrading to a 90k diesel pickup could be that much of an upgrade for my use.
But... But....But.... It's a Honda Pilot. It will pull anything, or at least some people think so. I just wanted to know what pulling 30,000 # with a Pilot was like. Plus I am also curious to know how many feet you got before the transmission fell on the ground. 😄 😆 :ROFLMAO:

As for wants, if you are planning on waiting 5 years, (which makes sense) AND waiting until she has school all paid off, you might as well buy the fancy streamers for the walker you will getting by that time. The cost of higher education has gone stupid these days.
PA school is going to cost $60-$70k for the entire program. She is in line to get a couple scholarships and grants to chip away at $5kish per year (2 year program). So with my salary and hers (which should be around $125k in MD, more if she goes into Baltimore) we should be able to pay it off pretty quick.

I hope.

While we are complaining about the cost of things I'll add that the cost to buy a house is ridiculous and that I will vote for any politician that will fix that system. Paying over $500k for a house that we bought for $238 because of the glories of compound interest is absolutely insane in my humble opinion.
Also glad we got in when we did. I worry for our next generation, coming out of college (often with debt), then wanting to get a house to start a family. And buy cars.
I'm 9 years out of college now... it was and is a struggle for sure, it's why I had to trade in my new Tacoma 1 year in and get a $8k Accord. We had kids right after we got married which was right after graduating so we never had more than a year or so to just make money and save it or blow it (we saved).

I will say we are better off than a lot of our peers who came out and started blowing the money they made so when they bought a car or a house they got in tons of debt very quickly.
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Not even a Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid, or a Lexus LC 500h or an Acura NSX?
Nope, nope and Honda made me weep when I heard the NSX was going to be a hybrid. The beauty of the original was its simplicity, reliability and superior dynamics due to things like chassis and suspension design.

I have 80k on my 2015 Pilot and plan on driving it until it starts starts costing too much in repairs. Then it won’t be another Honda because I prefer the more boxy style like my 15 vs. the 16 styling. After a nearly 30 year career at Honda my next buy will be my 1st non Honda purchase since 1990!
You're not the first or the last to say that. My wife loves the '15 so it's going nowhere for a long time.

I loathe 16+ Pilot look. When my '13 gives up the ghost, I will see whats there. Might go with Chevy Tahoe or even Lincoln Navigator.
Dig deep into that wallet! I can't believe how expensive the Tahoe is now, the Nav starts another $25-$30k above it!

I don't have my 16 anymore so I'm not retaliating but you guys who like the old boxy one make me laugh. Neither my wife or I would have ever considered owning that version based on styling alone. It's just unappealing on any level aesthetically.

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That is certainly an opinion to have. Many on here detest the look of the 3rd gen Pilot. I think the refresh helped the 3rd gen a lot but my wife loves the look of her 2nd gen and as long as she's happy I'm happy.
Something a little boxier, perhaps?

If I had the money for a G class, sure. I'm a sucker for the side exhaust in front of the rear wheel.
How about this quad set up:

Sent that video to some friends before... I'm gonna go with a no on that one. Little too flashy for me.

Don't tempt me. Who wouldn't like a Ram 3500, long bed, HO cummins/Aisin with a 50 gallon tank..Just cos it can be bought with one. That said, the current F350 is knocking it out park. But Ford seats are like much harder than the armchairs in Rams. .
Sorry Rocky, but the only heavy duty anything I'd be interested in is an Excursion Limited, blue with the gold trim, I'd prefer the V10 but the 7.3 will do as well. HD pickups do absolutely nothing for me as I have no use for them or their size.

I don't find any of the new HDs particularly good looking, where I used to find them all good looking. If I had to pick I'd take either a Power Wagon or F250 Tremor with Godzilla.
I'd be perfectly content in life if I never sit in a Tesla. I think Elon Musk is an incredible idea man but he's a horrible production manager, leader of people, industrial engineer, etc. His vehicles and business are rife with the remains of his stubborn and poor decision making. I'm not putting my life or the life or my family in his hands.
Really interested in the Kia Telluride...
As you should be.

My dealers wanted ridiculous money for those, the XC90 was cheaper!

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This is true, it and the Palisade are absolute sales monsters in my area right now.

If you are capable of being unbiased, I challenge you to sit in a top of the line Telluride/Palisade and compare to your XC90, I think you'll find they compare nicely... and I'm a big fan of the XC90.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the 2016 redesign, but the 2019 refresh made it look much better (especially on touring and elite trims). I’m not a huge fan of the telluride design though.
Agree with your first two statements. I do love the Telluride though. I wish they would have given the refreshed Pilot a little more of the Passport aggressive looks (like the dual exhaust and front bumper that looks more like the Ridgeline than the Ody) but it is an improvement over the early 3rd gens.
Maybe the next pilot won’t have the big chrome piece on the front because the 2021 odyssey won’t have it. I doubt Honda will go to a rugged look because they already have the passport. It’ll be nice if there’s an off-road package or something.
I can just say there is a reason why the only cars on the road my wife comments on other than our '15 Pilot is the 4Runner and Telluride. Rugged looks sell SUVs, plain and simple. She calls my '15 Traverse a minivan because it's got that swept back aero style shape that makes no difference in mileage vs. the boxy Pilot.

If they haven't offered an off road package on their pickup I doubt the 3 row crossover will ever get it. The Passport did get a slight lift which surprised me and did help with the looks.

Honestly, I'd even be accepting of a Pilot "off road sport" package that puts the Passport front and rear bumpers with the dual exhaust and a spacer lift on it. Put $1,000 as the option price I bet it would sell pretty well considering most/all of the parts are already on this chassis.
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From an aesthetic standpoint I'll agree with you. Once you start touching and using things that's when the difference is apparent. The plastic trim(especially on Palisade) is very cheap feeling and knocking on it sounds very hollow. Buttons and controls are a similar situation although I'm sure they function fine. I'm incredibly impressed with the luxury feel and build quality so far, it's the smoothest, quietest vehicle I've ever driven. I would love to test drive and compare back to back but I'd be very amazed if it were as refined overall.

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I don't have a lot of seat time in luxury or pseudo-luxury new vehicles since they are not in my price range, but when my wife and I spent a day going to look at all of the "regular" 3 rows the Palisade and Telluride stood a cut above for their materials, fit and finish, etc.

I'm glad you love the XC90 since they are gorgeous vehicles, I'd be interested to hear you do a back-to-back... hell a back-to-back-to-back with a new Pilot Elite too just to really link it back to this forum!
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I’ve read somewhere that in the telluride, there was something with super cheap plastic that gave them a cut. It could’ve been a Karen who wrote that lol. I chose the pilot because my local Kia dealer was selling the Telluride s which has an msrp of about $34,000, and they were selling it for $42,000. That immediately made me take the telluride of the list. Why get a car that’s almost the base model, when you could get a touring pilot for the same price? I also kinda don’t trust Kia too much because a couple years ago the cars they were making were crap. I have a feeling that Kia is cutting costs in some areas to make the places that you look at better during your first impression.
I'm not saying every car has been excellent for years, but I'd contest for most of their non-econo-boxes (Sonata, Azera, Veracruz, Sante Fe, etc.) they have been quite good since 2005ish when new models started rolling out. The Lambda series of engines has been excellent for NVH, performance, economy and reliability (save some early models that had timing chain tensioner issues). My wife's family has owned at least 5 Hyundais with the oldest being my wife's 2008 Sonata SE V6 that I DD currently. It has 165k miles and the only issue before 150k was a noisy pulley. After 150k the compressor went up and took the condensor with it, not a known failure and not an uncommon failure for any vehicle. The only other issues they've had were my BIL's Veloster blew speakers a couple times, but he definitely pushes them hard. Sorry for the rant, but I certainly contest it's been 15+ years since Hyundai or Kia has really made a crappy car.

I guess I'd rather buy from a brand that has an older bad reputation and is generally under-the-radar still for excellent new vehicles than brands trading on their reputations from the 80's or 90's (cough Honda cough). I took a calculated risk with the Traverse, which has been good so far but I'd never touch and Explorer with the litany of issues the last gen and current gen have had.
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Hot off the presses, I've been lusting after the R/T for a while as something I could possibly afford and has 3 rows to haul all of my spawns... looks like a good thing just got even more desirable, tow over 8,000 lbs! It's camper time!

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