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What have you done to your Pilot today?

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I couldn't find a thread like this, so if there is already a thread please delete or merge.

Today I changed the rear differential fluid for the first time and changed the engine oil and filter for the second time. Current mileage is 13,028 and the vehicle has been great. Both jobs were pretty easy, though I am not a fan of the oil filter location. I used a little over 2 quarts of Honda Dual Pump II for the diff and 5 quarts of Castrol Magnatec with .7 quarts of Valvoline FS that I had left over from my CRV oil change (both 0W20) with a Fram TG7317 filter.


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I couldn't find a thread like this, so if there is already a thread please delete or merge.

Today I changed the rear differential fluid for the first time and changed the engine oil and filter for the second time. Current mileage is 13,028 and the vehicle has been great. Both jobs were pretty easy, though I am not a fan of the oil filter location. I used a little over 2 quarts of Honda Dual Pump II for the diff and 5 quarts of Castrol Magnatec with .7 quarts of Valvoline FS that I had left over from my CRV oil change (both 0W20) with a Fram TG7317 filter.
The rear diff, did you slide underneath or jack it up?

I need to do mine this week.

I slid underneath, however, jacking it up would have been more comfortable.
Thank you. I'll give it a shot tomorrow.

Last time I did the oil change I didn't jack it up and it was a tight

I did however turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and was able to access the oil filter much easier. The location sucks but i was even able to get my vice grip pliers in there so I didn't have to curse and scream at whatever Honda tech over tightened the oil filter.

I am thinking of Striping my Pilot with either Back, Red or Gold stripes. White exterior and black interior
Have any of you done it? What colors did you choose?
Have you looked at the decals available from Honda?

Only problem is if you keep the stripes or decals on for a long while the paint will slightly fade but not under the decals.
And then also when you remove depending on how much wax or whatever you have the layers might not match.

Im not a specialist... but I remember my brother taking pain striping off and it was a noticeable "lip"?

Also not sure if you care.
For me, I prefer to blend in and not have any distinct marks on my car but then again I sometimes drive like a prick. My preference is always fly under the radar ??‍♂

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The filename of your photo would indicate that it was taken in September of 2018, and not today.
He just got around the using them and finishing the project since everyone is quarantined.

Honey do list is coming along nice.
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Got the Pilot up on auto ramps for some visual inspections looking for any issues before they become big problems. With what I found it’s a bit amazing the Pilot is starting + running great and I want to keep it that way.
I like the setup with the ramps, looks good.
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Our Pilot has barely moved in the last month. But after I get the lights installed in the garage I plan on washing the Pilot and Traverse and giving them a maintenance coat of spray wax.
Which spray wax do you use?

I have the maguiars quick wax. Works well after a wash... interested what else is out there
I’ve finally installed the cross bar bought from Amazon. View attachment 137953

Do you have a link?

Swapped out the incandescent bulbs in the interior lights of my 2020 EX-L AWD with red LED bulbs. I occasionally go out for night sky photography, and this will help with the night vision. They are a little brighter than what I had in my previous vehicle, so we'll see how this goes. Generally leave the switch in the off position.

Here is a link to the bulbs I used, from Amazon:

A thin plastic trim tool made getting the covers out pretty easy after the first one. Used a pair of wide-blade tweezers with a microfiber cloth to pull the bulbs out.
Can you post a photo of the trim tool? I'm interested in replacing mine with LEDs.

This is the trim set I have, the one that worked best is the flat side of the second tool from the left in the first photo. The gap is really tight, so that very thin blade was best.

Thanks for the motivation. I did the LED interior lights today.

I have the Elite so the rear entertainment and panoramic moon roof moves the lights to the sides instead of the middle.

Jewellery Fashion accessory

I bought this trim tool set bc I already have 2 metal panel poppers. It was on the recommended page of yours.
Gliston Auto Trim Tool

Font Automotive exterior

I ordered the same lights but in xenox white.
ibrightstar LED wedge

Electronic component Fashion accessory Games Metal

Took about 10 minutes as I was drinking a beer.

The plastic windows attach in 4 places.

Lace Hand Textile Linens

The rear light I may consider getting a larger light or one with more LEDs but we'll see how this works and whether or not I decide I need more light.

There is definitely room for something more.

Light Vehicle door Automotive lighting Automotive exterior Vehicle

The annoying part was how hot the existing bulbs were when I was pulling them out. I used a paper towel to wiggle them out but did them by hand.

Vehicle Car Head restraint Mode of transport Auto part

Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Family car Minivan

Vehicle Car Minivan Family car
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Wow that looks really nice. I never thought about changing my lights to LED, but now I really want to lol. I wish Honda offered an option like Subaru does for LED interior lights.
Thank you.

I definitely think it's improved and now I also don't have to worry about things getting hot when my kids mess with the lights.

I wasn't sure I would be satisfied with how bright it is but I checked it an hour ago and was very pleased.

Much brighter then stock lighting.

I only used 5 bulbs as my front two were LED.
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Thanks for the advice. I finally installed the hitch on my wife 2019 Pilot. I also install the bike rack that I had ordered. The Yakima Fullswing 4 bike rack.

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Looks great, when did you get the rack? My hitch rack has been on back order for a month and isn't expected until next.
Stupid noob question here...(sorry). Do those bulbs plug right into the OEM socket? Or did you need a conversion kit to mount them?
They bulbs I purchased plugged directly in.

They were pretty snug getting in and out. I used a clean dry baby wipe to pull the old bulbs out, they were pretty hot otherwise I would have just used my hands.

Just note, which model you have may have different lights in the front map lights.

Then the non-paneramic roof model has the lights in the center of the vehicle and not over the windows but should still be the same fit.
I REALLY like the way that hitch and wiring looks....question. How/where did you get that lower rear trim for it? I've never seen it in an accessory listing. Any links or something would be greatly appreciated! TIA!
That rear lower trim comes with the OEM tow hitch.

See diagram and instructions...

Also in that photo, there is no wiring harness, it's just the plastic cover that you would cut out / remove if you added the harness.
That’s correct. I didn’t installed the wiring harness because I don’t expect to tow anything beside my bike rack for now.

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The wiring harness is a little tricky if you don't have small hands.

Getting the tape off the 14pin connector and the back of the 12v power is tedious.
View attachment 140202
Added the cast / black running boards.
Watch any leg hair ya got... that thing is tacky.

Ask me how I know.
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I finished the LED conversation. Turn signals, and high beams are done. It's hard to tell in daylight, but they are Much brighter. View attachment 140269 View attachment 140270 View attachment 140271
Do you have the link to the bulbs?
What was the effort on the turn signals?

On another note, those don't look like Florida homes but "Go Gators".
Going on a road trip tomorrow, about a 4 hour drive.

Air filter, cabin filter and tire pressure to 38.

I was surprised how dirty the cabin filter was, I'm not sure you can tell by the pictures.

The car is at 20k miles and just shy of 2 years old.

Auto part Metal

On another note, I picked up some Seafoam injector cleaner. Does anyone know which vacuum line i should hook it up to?

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So the hitch bike rack (Yakima Ridgeback 4) I ordered in July / August was backordered and got pushed back 3 times and then canceled.

Like a homecoming to prom night tease only to be left holding myself.

Anyways, after recommendations from someone here I ordered a tray rack (Swagman XTC4) instead of a hanging rack.

I had to wait about a month for it and the box arrived badly beaten similar to how it felt after prom.

Khaki Beige Composite material Rectangle Document

Yellow Text Tints and shades Rectangle Material property

Put most of it together last night but should have just waited until today bc it is much easier to put together hooked up to the hitch itself.

And last night I couldn't find my blue loctite to put on the bolts.

The instructions were pretty poor, if someone orders the same rack just watch the setup video on YouTube.

Automotive tail & brake light Automotive exterior Automotive lighting Bumper Trunk

This morning I loosened the bolts added loctite and got the other tire loops on.

Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle part Spoke

Wheel Tire Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel rim

Right now I only need it to hold 3 bikes. When my son gets older his bike will no longer go in the hatch. My daughter's bike fits well even with training wheels.

Wheel Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel rim Automotive tail & brake light Bicycle wheel

Overall folded up it has a relatively small footprint.

One of the reasons I went with this, I reached out to Swagman and asked if the tire loops could be swapped out for one of there higher end cradles and they do. They provided me with the part numbers and said it's a perfect direct fit. Thus making it easier to fit smaller kids bikes on the rack.

Cleat Black Grey Motorcycle accessories Outdoor shoe

Once the kiddos start coming out more with their bikes I'll buy 2 sets of cradles and be good to go.

I haven't driven anywhere with it in but it weighs about 66lbs and feels very sturdy. Very much looking forward to getting it out.

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Just a quick intro of me and My 2018 EX-L, Black leather interior.
Bought it about a month ago for 32K and 30K mi on the odometer.
No lift kit, but running 17x8 KM708s with TOYO Open Country AT3s in 265/65-17. No rubbing with this size.
Aftermarket roof rails and cross bars For 16-19 Honda Pilot Roof Rack Silver Side Rails+Black Cross Bar OE Style 4PCS | eBay
Morimoto XB HIDs in 6000k with 55w AC ballasts (light is pure white, not blue)
5000K LED high beams and fog lights
Rain deflectors for windows. 7" Amber LED Rally lights for front(metal backer plate behind bumper for stability)
Looking forward to learning from the group how to best maintain this as its my first PILOT. Not afraid of getting my hands dirty. Built/restored quite a few Honda motorcycles over the years.
Thanks for having me!


View attachment 149064

View attachment 149065
How bright are the Amber tits on that thing?
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Installed 1.25" BORA Spacers. Made the stock 18s looked much nicer on the car!

View attachment 149632
View attachment 149633
View attachment 149634

Thank you for the photos!!!!
I'm extremely tempted to do this.
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