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What have you done to your Pilot today?

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I couldn't find a thread like this, so if there is already a thread please delete or merge.

Today I changed the rear differential fluid for the first time and changed the engine oil and filter for the second time. Current mileage is 13,028 and the vehicle has been great. Both jobs were pretty easy, though I am not a fan of the oil filter location. I used a little over 2 quarts of Honda Dual Pump II for the diff and 5 quarts of Castrol Magnatec with .7 quarts of Valvoline FS that I had left over from my CRV oil change (both 0W20) with a Fram TG7317 filter.


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'19 EX-L - Transmission cooler, Magnefine ATF filter, cleaned battery ground bolt contact area. Brought to dealer for tranny flush and differential fluid. I wanted it in file as being done. tranny fluid is nasty, I'll do more. Differential was done at 10k per maintenance minder, I wanted it done again. Doing some longer trips with trailer hauling this next week.
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Looks awesome. More pics with the top rack and lights when you get them next time.

Did you add some skid plates yet? The oil pan is low on these. Check out NoLo designs or JSport. NoLo has front but also some for rear differential and fuel tank iirc.

Factory trailer hitch loses no ground clearance and gives a good point for accessories or recovery. Transmission cooler always recommended also to help keep the temps down and fluid happier.

Drain and fills on the tranny, rear diff, front diff are real easy and much cheaper than having dealer do it (at least on 6 speed tranny).

I haven’t tried my 265/60/18’s underneath yet but the full size 245/60/18 fits with no issues with factory hitch. Full size spare is always recommended when in out of way places. I got a spare Ridgeline rim from ROC. You can get rims on here in classified, Ridgeline Owners Club forums, facebook marketplace, craigslist, ebay. You can also use a 17” rim with the corresponding sized tire.

Update your profile so it shows location when you hover over the flag and add trim level details etc.
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Oil and filter change, tranny D&F both done via HF version mityvac through dipstick tubes. A little longer but better than dropping my skid plate. Got the same amount out that I can tell from dropping drain plugs.

Still have the B7 code now for brake fluid flush. Fluid getting low which means I need to order some pads and just swap them out then flush brake fluid while I do it. Probably going to go with the Hawk LTS.
Had an hour while the kids napped so I put on the door sill protectors- nice quality and a quick install.
I used to do things like that, THEN I started using that time to nap also!
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So here are some pics of the things I've done to my 2017 the last couple weeks. Today I plasti dipped wheels. All work done is;
Plasti dipped wheels, roof rails, grill, emblems.
Put black door handles, did a chrome delete around windows with vynal, added a kicker hideaway powered sub under passenger seat. Added all LED lights (interior, and exterior)
Lol View attachment 143701 View attachment 143702 View attachment 143704 View attachment 143700
did you get new door handles or wrap/spray the originals?
Traded the Pilot in yesterday. Couldn't pass up the trade in value and discount/rebates they were giving on the Highlander. Good luck to everyone with the Pilot. I hope it turns out to be more reliable than projected.
Good Luck and hope all works out well. We had looked at one also back in '18 but the unusable 3rd row for anyone over 5 years old and the AWD setup was not what we needed.

Beautiful vehicles. We were looking at a maroon one with all blackout. Maybe some day when I don't need the above. Though the wife would still rather have a Durango with the hood and blacktop, or a Sequoia again. Just that bad fuel mileage thing......
Installed a switch to disable the power liftgate.
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Just the motors or the the whole thing? How do you get it back open?

Somebody left the map light on in my wife's Pilot, battery discharged to 6V. Had the same effect except NOTHING powered worked (tailgate, locks, starter, etc.) Hard to get to the jumper cables etc when disabled.
I installed a Console Vault safe in ‘21 Pilot yesterday. I have four children and it made me nervous thinking of the gun just laying in the console. This was a quick and easy install to make sure they, or anyone else, doesn’t access it.

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Looks good. TN better than NY. MANY restrictions involved even to take it hunting upstate because you are travelling through the "city" even though it's the outskirts on highway. No concealed carry unless multiple requirements met. different counties also have different laws on ownership, registration and transport.
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