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What do I need for towing?

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I don't believe that my 2014 EX-L has ever towed anything, even though it has the factory setup.

What do I need to tow something? I might want to tow a rental log splitter a short distance from the equipment company to my house, or maybe a utility trailer for trash, or maybe a small UHaul trailer if we move across the country.
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Thanks guys, but what does the trailer hang on? All I see at the back of the Pilot is a hole.

Practice backing up. Lots of practice.
Been there, done that. As a teen, I backed up my dad's 1975 Tuna Boat station wagon and utility trailer dozens of times while going to the dump....I got mad skillz already.
You could poke around etrailer for a bit to learn more. Trailer Hitch Ball Mounts (
Thanks, but it looks like eTrailer doesn't carry a ball mount for a 2014. What about this set of parts?
There is some good info about selecting the correct rise/drop in the ball mount here How to Measure Hitch Drop & Select a Ball Mount (
Thanks for the great info!

That seems like a lot of money for the wiring harness. Aftermarket options are fine, I would choose a big name.
I believe the one I posted is an OEM harness (has the OEM part number) at a discounted price. Other than OEM, what's a good brand to look at?

U Haul could do all of this for you as well - setting you up for towing their trailers and providing equipment for other applications.
I'll give it a try again, but the last time I visited my local U-Haul a few years ago I got the impression that they were morons. :confused:
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