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What did you do today to your 2003-2008 Pilot?

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Replaced NGK Laser Platinum spark plugs with NGK Ruthenium HX plugs on my 03'. Oil change with Amsoil 0w-40 Signature Series oil and Amsoil EA filter. Why 0w-40 instead of the recommended 5w-20? The 0w will flow a little faster on cold starts in the winter and the 40 will protect much better on 90F+ (outside air temp.) summer days.

Also, I called NGK and verified that is an authorized distributor/seller (they didn't have them listed on their website) so, I get real plugs and not counterfeits. Yes, there is a whole world of fake/counterfeit auto parts out there and I would recommend not buying auto parts off of Ebay. If you're not buying directly from the stealership, definitely go to the manufactures website and look up their authorized distributor/seller's and if they don't have this information posted give them a call.

Here are some fun for the whole family spark plug pics:




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After 3 weeks of shipping delays, the new transmission finally arrived and I got all the external parts swapped over or replaced, so it's ready to get bolted on.
Very pretty. Where'd you get it from and how spendy?
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Online from a transmission shop with rebuilt old stock for around $1200 shipped. It was their last one. I'm thinking of cleaning up my old one and rebuilding it myself as an educational practice, then I'll have a spare in case this new one dies.
Wow. That's an amazing price.
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