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late to the party here as I do not log on much.

That is one of the downsides of having huge variance in scrub radius. When the vehicle starts to 'track' or follow the road grooves, the driver has to constantly correct via steering inputs to maintain a straight driving vehicle. This because laborious and in such a road condition when emergency stopping is required, it can become somewhat scary.
Using larger diameter tires & wheels also affect the effective torque output at those corners with the torque diminishing as the size increases. This also reduces overall acceleration. This could be the reason why some feel more confident in turns, as their overall vehicle speed is scrubbed (compared to it being on OEM spec tire/wheel package).

Enjoy the combination and keep us updated on your future adjustments.
I have pretty much the exact same diameter of the new wheels as on the stock wheels (+1% or so), so there is no change in the behaviour due to the overall size of the wheel. But the scrub definitely have some impact on the driving experience on bad roads with deep tracks. I'm used to that from my previous cars, so it's nothing intimidating. It's just slightly less comfortable :).
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