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Warranty Advice

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Any advice on aftermarket warranties? Specifically:

(1) If you buy aftermarket warranties, are you better off with the official Honda warranty, or are other unofficial warranties better values for the money?

(2) Any recommendations on the best place to purchase a discounted warranty (I understand it doesn't need to be through the dealership you bought the car)?

(3) Any general thoughts on whether if I plan on driving the car 7 or so years, the warranty is worthwhile?

Lastly, the dealer is trying to push a $279 simoniz treatment saying that this is particularly important for dark paint jobs (I'm picking up my midnight Blue Pilot on Thursday!). I think this is probably pure hokum no increase the dealer profit, but wanted to check.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!:D
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Forget the Simoniz, and start your warranty search with a genuine HondaCare Warranty here.
Thanks, Jay! Love the Yogi quote...
I bought mine online also. I felt more comfortable with the Honda Warranty.

I got the 7 yr, 100k Hondacare with $50 deductible for $1055.00 last year.

I know I only bought peace of mind, I don't expect problems, but I felt that the warranty was very reasonable.

I got mine through Pohanka Honda.

Best of luck.
If you're unsure about third-party vs. genuine Hondacare warranties, just go to Edmunds and read the WarrantyGold board (they stopped paying claims, continued to charge people monthly warranty payments, filed for bankruptcy, then invalidated all existing contracts but continued to charge monthly fees anyway. It's an unmitigated consumer disaster, and it isn't the first.

Honda isn't going to screw you over or go broke. Buy the real thing.

Hondacuraworld was offering competitive rates on extended warranties, so you might check w/Tim and have him put you in touch w/his F&I guy.
Thanks for the sage advice. Can you tell me who Tim is (is this a person at hondacuraworld) and how to contact him?
You can find out about Tim and his contact info here. As a sponsor of you can sometimes see their banner at the top of the screen
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