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Hi all:

(Short time lurker, first time poster.)

Anyway, I ordered my Pilot (gray interior) this week and will be picking it up in September. I seem to love the wood trim and still have time to add these options onto my order.

There 16 pieces that can be installed:

L/R dash center
L/R lower console
L/R air outlet
Driver/Pass front door switch
Driver/Pass side rear door switch
Driver/Pass rear side switch
Steering wheel
Shift level

Does anyone have all these? Can you share some pics?

Note: The pics listed on or show only a handful of what is offered.


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Can't remember what the dealer price was for the wood trim package, but an after market kit is now available ($234 - $299) and you have a choice of wood grains or colors. See other thread at:

Check out the black/grey carbon fiber at:

You can get a limited wood trim kit through your Honda dealer's parts department for about $198.50. See:

Installation instructions:

Enough choices......:D

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Just ordered the Exotic Wood Dash Kit ... Will post the install and pics once it arrives ... Hopefully it arrives before the weekend ...


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Well, my dealer says the build date is next week and will take up to 30 days from there. From what I've read, it shows up much sooner, so I'm hoping early September. I have four kids and the anxiety is almost as bad as having them!
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