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VTM-4 Fluid change requirement

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Don't forget the VTM-4 fluid change at 15k as part of the break in. I noticed it in the maintenance schedule. I think a lot of people will blow this off.
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I took in the Pilot for the 15k service the other day at the dealer and had the oil changed, tires rotated and VTM4 fluid replaced.....The total came to 90.00 plus tax(NY metro area)...By itself the vtm-4 service was $51.00 plus tax in case anyone was curious.....What annoyed me about the service was the fact that when I picked up the Pilot the service advisor advised me that I "should have had the vtm4 fluid changed at 7500 miles"...I responded that my wife's commute, driving habits warrant only the regular service schedule......The advisor quickly replied with something like" you need to be careful with the vtm4 changes"...He continued "in fact I suggest you have the vtm4 fluid changed again at 22.5k and 30k and 15k from then on".......Its nice knowing your vehicle is being serviced by Honda technicians but the front line advisors are a pain to deal with(too much bs)...I plan on just having the fluid changed again at 30k, not 22.5k!!!----waxpilot
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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