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Our 2013 Honda Pilot EX-L 2WD with 70K miles has had a slew of issues, but this squeaking being the most difficult to diagnose by mechanics (the issue has yet to be diagnosed properly by mechanics even after having the car for multiple days etc).

YouTube Video

This video was taken with a GoPro mounted on the passenger motor mount side looking down towards the alternator, the rear of the engine bay is to the left and front of the Pilot is to the right. I never reach over 28 mph in the video so its all at slow speed. Its loud enough to make dogs bark in the neighborhood, as we drive through at slow speed, with light pedal acceleration. The squeak will not typically happen at idle or coasting under no load.

The Pilot has a high pitched, uneven squeak during acceleration between 5 mph and 25 mph (ONLY occurs at low speed but occurs more closer to 25 mph). It also seems to occur more during left hand turns at slow speed. But the sound occurs accelerating in a straight line as well. If I let my foot off the gas, the sound stops usually. The sound gets less frequent the warmer the car is, however, its recently started happening every so once and while when the car is at temperature, but still much more common when the car has been sitting for a few hours and is cold. The sound doesn't occur when sitting idle, or sitting not moving revving the engine - which can also be observed at the end of the video.

We initially suspected wheel bearings, we changed them with Honda OEM. They were bad it turns out as after replacing them the car is MUCH quieter on rides, but the squeak was not being caused by a bad wheel bearing and still remains.

We've replaced the front passenger motor mount (can be seen in the bottom left corner of the video). It was torn to shreds, but replacing it did not eliminate the squeak or what looks like we still have excessive engine movement (we're thinking we need to replace the other two motor mounts - transmission and front engine mount). The pilot does vibrate when accelerating to speed most of the time.

We also had Honda replace the compliance bushings that were also leaking at 47K miles.

Any ideas what's causing the issue?
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