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Has anyone had any experience pulling a Venture Sonic travel trailer (of any model) behind a 2019 (3rd gen) AWD Touring with ATF?

I’ve stalked and read through this forum for a few days now and haven’t seen a related thread so if I missed something, apologies and please redirect.

My intent is to pull a Sonic SN220VBH on an extended road trip (4,000+ miles) to be able to comfortably sleep my family (2 adults, 4 young kids) while enjoying the outdoors in Alaska. I understand that there are beefier tow vehicles, I understand that I’m at maximum capacity for the selected TT, I’d simply like to better understand the handling capabilities of the Pilot.

Here’s my background info:

2019 AWD Touring w/ ATF
Curb weight: 4,285 lbs
GVWR: 5,842 lbs
GCWR: 9,755 lbs
Maximum cargo load: 1,173 lbs
Tow limit: 4,500 lbs (I used the numbers for 4 occupants, even though there will only be two adults in the front and 4 small kids in car seats weighing maximum 50 lbs per position)
Tongue limit: 450 lbs (based on the same assumptions above)
Additional: Trailer brakes, 55mph cruise, premium fuel

Sonic 220VBH travel trailer
UVW: 4,200 lbs
GVWR: 5,200 lbs
Tongue: 390 lbs
Total length: 26.5 ft
LP: 40 lbs
Fresh water: 38 gal (planned 10 gal @ 83 lbs)

And here are my calculations:
Pilot curb weight (4,285) plus adults (350) plus kids/seats (200) plus luggage (50) is 4,885 lbs.
Trailer empty weight (4,200) plus water/LP (123) plus cargo (175) is 4,500 lbs.
Loaded vehicle (4,885) plus loaded trailer (4,500) is 9,385 lbs.
By my calculations this keeps me within the GVWR/GCWR/tow/tongue limits of the Pilot as well as the GVWR of the trailer.

My question centers on the length of the trailer and how this may relate to Pilot handling qualities as well as extended towing (30+ days) at this weight. Just because it can do it but my transmission drops out in Anchorage doesn’t classify as a win, but my thoughts are as long as I stay within the (likely conservative) limits that Honda set, eat a premature transmission flush on the back end, and closely monitor temps through the few sections with more than flat grade, I should be ok. More experienced Pilot tow masters, what say you?
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