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We own a 2015 Honda CRV-EX, and when we got it, I loaded up a USB thumb drive with perhaps 100 CD's worth of music, including about 20 or so Musical Comedies like Mame, My Fair Lady, Jersey Boys, etc. It took a week or two to master the "Folder" protocols associated with the USB drive, but everything has been OK. Songs play in the order they appear on each album, which means for the Musical Comedies, the Overture plays first, followed by each number in the order it appears in the actual show. When an "album" is done, the system moves on to the next recorded CD in order. Makes good sense.

In early May, we took delivery of a 2019 Honda Pilot EX, and the electronics are tremendously more complicated to use than those in the CRV, especially for us oldsters that don't live our lives via "smart phones," which we don't own.

I felt like I could at least master the music operation to make my wife happy. I took the USB Drive that was in the CRV and installed it in the Pilot. To my surprise, every aspect of the directory on the Drive showed up alphabetized. My folders were listed in alphabetic order; the albums within each folder were alphabetized, and the songs in each album were also listed in alphabetical order.

As you can imagine, this makes no sense for listening to an "original cast recording" of the great shows. The overture no longer appears first, but wherever it is slotted in the alphabetized listing.

I was convinced there must be some "setting" that would help me change things to the desired order, just like playback in the CRV. I surveyed the absolutely terrible owners guide and found no help. I sat in the car and pushed various menu selections for a half hour or so and got nowhere. My dealer told me to stop by and one of their knowing personnel would help. They were stumped. So I called the tech support 800 number in the little "My Pilot" booklet Honda sent me. She spent five minutes or so "researching" the issue, and said she could not help, and advised me to see the service manager at the dealer who had "more resources available." I contacted them by email a few days ago, and have not heard back.

This has all the ear-markings of some genius young engineer fixing something that wasn't broke. By the way, I checked for firmware updates, and the screen said my system is "up to date."

We love the car and would not return it for this reason, but I am really steamed about what Honda did here and their inability to resolve things. Do any of you have fixes, or workarounds, or other special knowledge? I would sure appreciate the help.

By the way, I attempted to change the file names on the Drive to "spoof" the unit with new alphabetic labeling, but it did not work. It's obvious that the electronics respond to the embedded info in the CD tracks, not the labels I put on the tracks.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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