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Well, I'm unlucky in that my best gas mileage ever has been 15.5 MPG on all highway driver (75 avg speed).

Normal driving (mostly city) is 14 or 14.5MPG.

I took it in to have Joe Marina honda look at it. First thing they said was "you didn't buy it from us. Did you call you selling dealer?
Issue1: (Low MPG, avg 15 or below)
When I told them the MPG I was getting, they said that was probably acceptable and I should wait until I had 10k or 12k miles before I get concerned. I asked them to check it out anyway that something was not right. Everyone else I know that has pilots here are getting over 20 all the time.

When I went to pick it up, all they did was check for service codes (which there were none, the engine light has not come on). Since there were none, they said it checked out fine.

Issue #2: Temperature gague is 4-5 degrees off
Also had them look into the temperature being off 4 degrees. They said they could only adjust (+/-)3 degrees which I had already done. They said, you'll have to live with it, there nothing we can do.

Issue3: Pilot height is 32 in while other pilots are 33in.
Their answer to this? No issue, nothing they can do.

Un-believeable in my opinion. I'm starting calls to the dealer where I bought it (1 1/2 hour drive) to see if I can get these things resolved. Anyone have any ideas? I can't wait for the service review questionaire!

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