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Problems or Trouble Free ?

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Trouble Free or Problems

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There are numerous threads about problems people are having but really no mention of those Pilots that are trouble free.

Have you had legitimate problems with your Pilot or has it been trouble free?

Cheese :D
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From a general sense I would say the vehicle is sound. Many of the problems on this forum are odds and ends which should have either been caught in production or are easy fixes. Most models have some sort of necessary tweak fresh out of the gate. They are usually caught by the end of the first year of production and any first year models usually fixed.

The headliner will probably receive some sort of finish strip or the mending of the edges made cleaner. (like the Accords)

The door jamb paint sounds like itis a problem on some of the lighter metallic colors only, Starlight Silver nad Havasa Blue, and not even all of them.

The third row seatbelt will probably be explained to us or the grommit moved in later production.

The leaking windshield wiper nozzels I'm sure will be tightened.

It sounds like there is already a fix for the clunky driver's window.

The other thunking noise from under some vehicles I'm sure will have a fix as well.

No I didn't even experience all of these but if only six stock problems arose out of 12,000 vehicles so far I think that is pretty darn good. Any accessory issues are really after the fact and even then I don't think there are a dozen combined with the six possible stock. Heck I remember taking in my former american car for a dozen issues alone including ones such as anti-freeze smells coming through the vents into the interior, brakes not working properly, and ignitions causing potential fires. And that was before their shops felt free to do work which was not even requested!
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