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Problems or Trouble Free ?

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Trouble Free or Problems

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There are numerous threads about problems people are having but really no mention of those Pilots that are trouble free.

Have you had legitimate problems with your Pilot or has it been trouble free?

Cheese :D
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Mine's good. Over 250 miles and just keep liking it more. I am very impressed with the 5 speed auto. It is our first automatic transmission in 26 years. My wife is still trying to find the clutch pedal.
I am also impressed how easy it is to put this Pilot in a parking space.
The climate control is also very cool and so are the steering wheel mounted radio controls.
My Pilot was delivered with about 36 Lbs pressure all around in the tires (book and inside door say 32#) so once I dropped them down it rode much better.
I have not pushed it in a turn knowing that the tires need at least a few hundred miles to get scuffed up and stick at their best but it feels real good so far in the corners; no excessive body lean or tippiness at all.
God willing , things will continue to stay good. This is one very nice vehicle.
American Honda is wonderful to deal with (compared to Subaru of America). They work very hard to keep their customers happy.
I also think the interior is very well done.
Love the Pilot.
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1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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