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Transmission system warning

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My wife has a 17 Ex with 45,000 miles. While on the highway driving she got a transmission system warning pop on the dash with a flashing D and P. When the car shuts off it goes away and I was able to get the warning to come back up on the highway again at about 65 mph. Car feels and drives fine. No apparent issues other than the warnings. I have a code reader but it says no codes found. Plan to take to dealer in am. Hope it’s covered under power train and hopefully nothing major. Just wanted to see if anyone else had similar.


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My Pilot showed the Transmission system warning briefly when driving at 65 mph. I have appointment with dealer in two days. My car has 45000 miles but just past the 5 year mark by 4 weeks. I am afraid. Would power train warranty still apply? I also has the b136 maintenance minder a few days ago. Could it be the transmission fluid? Please advice. Thank you
What is the year and trim level of your Pilot?
Yes, poor condition or low level of the ATF can be the issue. Has the ATF been drained and filled at recommended intervals? I’d pull the ATF dipstick and wipe some of the fluid on a white cloth to visually see its condition. It should be pink to brite red. Not brown or black.
If you’re close to a major auto parts store, they will scan your vehicle for free to get the trouble code(s). Post the code here if possible.
Thank you for the response. It is a 2017 ex-l. I have the b136 service on wednesday and not driving the car until then. I think it includes transmission flush. I am up to date with maintenance at dealer. Will the car still keep the codes for a while? Thanks.
When the transmission light comes on, the trouble code will usually remain stored in the computer for some time. The idea behind having the trouble code now would be that you won’t go to the dealership uninformed.
From past experience, these 6-speed transmissions are known to have the torque converter clutch lock issue that’s caused by vibration from the engine due to the VCM function. There is a TSB for your vehicle that can be performed for free if the dealership determines that your vehicle has this problem. The symptom is an erratic rpm gauge while maintaining speed (especially when cruise control is set). The TSB requires that they do 3 separate drain and fills of the ATF and a software update. Do you know if this service has ever been performed? Keep in mind that a single drain and fill only removes 3.5 quarts out of about 9 quarts that are in the system. So it is common for the ATF quality to not be what it should if in rigorous driving conditions.
Thanks, would a standard auto parts store be able to pull these codes?
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