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Tranmission fluild leak

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I'm trying to identify this slow leak of what seems to be AT fluid.
The area around this hose on the driver side seems to be the culprit but I didn't think there was any transmission fluid lines going to the front radiator area. This is a 2003 Pilot.
It's the smaller hose on the right.

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If the radiator has never been replaced I'd strongly recommend a replacement due to age and history of radiator failures and/or mixture of the two fluids.
Please heed this advice. From what I've seen, the transmission cooler fittings on the radiator can rust/corrode from the inside out, meaning a visual check of these fittings is NOT assurance they are fine.

I'll also echo @plplplpl suggestion for AT-205 if you still find leaks after you confirm the fittings and lines are in good condition.

--Chris N.
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