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Checking all the tire services around town, Town Fair Tires company seems to give you the most for your money


Guaranteed Lowest Prices
We beat all competitors pricing...
Free Lifetime Tire Rotations
Every 5,000 miles to help you...
Lifetime Winter Change-Over
On any car you own...
Lifetime Flat Tire Repair
Our tire or not!
Free Front Wheel Alignment
Free with any tire purchase
Free Site-To-Store-Shipping
Free shipping to our store locations...

Couldn't find any other tire centres that offered all that, for cheaper than TownFairTire

Excellent, we booked an appointment for day they would have the 4 tires/package we wanted in stock,.
They send a reminder/confirmation text to phone to tell you of your appointment, asking you to reply with a Y if you want to keep that appointment, or C to Cancel or/and Reschedule = nice
Arrived 20 minutes before our time, gave the key, and was told, approximately 90 minutes = nice
Decide to wait outside for the vehicle,
They took the vehicle into the bay at the appointed time = nice
45 minutes later I see them pull my vehicle out the bay,
rolled another vehicle into that empty bay.
I'm thinking ... "that was fast"...
Told me vehicle was all set, I paid, received a receipt.( 4 pages of work and costs, 3 of the pages printout is maintenance recommendations.).
I'm walking slowly towards the vehicle while reading the papers/receipt.
I come to the last page, I noticed, I don't have a printout of Wheel Alignment.

I head back into the store, I ask "Were wheel alignments done ?.. I don't have a printout showing me before and after results.."

The response from the CSA is what prompted this topic

CSA: "Oh, we don't do those unless the customer asks."
Me: "What ?.. it's in the package, it's on the website stating that 2 front wheel alignment for all purchases"
CSA: "Oh.. ok"

I didn't have to "inform" him on the other services that was included in the package, so why would i "need to inform" about the Wheel Alignment ?

Another customer was in line and was listening to the conversation, she gave me the "thumbs up" and "head nod"
I gave the CSA the vehicle key and went back outside.
Seconds later the other customer exited the store, says to me " good for you checking, they hope you don't check"

She is right, many customers came and went while I was waiting for my vehicle, and those customers just took their receipts, jump in their vehicle, and left, without checking the work orders from my observations...

another customer stated, "that" CSA been there a long time, and she didn't "trust him" and she only came into this store today because the closer store was booked for days.

I'm shooting off a letter/inquiry to Corporate to find out if it's true "don't do the wheel alignment unless the customer ask" as the CSA stated, or if he was straight out making false statement, he's hoping that all customers don't check to see if all work is performed.

Had he said "oops, my guys missed that, i'll take care of it"..... this topic would not exist right now.


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I wouldn’t expect to have to ask for the wheel alignment if it’s supposed to be included with the tire purchase. That’s misleading if you have to ask for it. Keep us posted regarding corporate’s response.
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This justifies my reasoning for going with places I have a positive history with that may be a little more expensive.
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