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Some background: I do all my own maintenance and repairs on my vehicles, from tractors to 4x4s to a ’06 Saab Aero. I’ve rebuilt engines, suspensions, rear ends, and replaced transmissions (though haven’t rebuilt one myself — yet!) My shop is very well equipped, and I’m a big believer in having the right tool for the job.

With that in mind…I picked up a clean ’15 EX-L with an excellent maintenance history last week. It has 88k on the clock, so I know there are some maintenance items coming up soon.

Which puts me in a tool-shopping mood!

I already know about the crank pulley tool, and have one on order, but what other Honda-specific tools am I going to need? Even if something isn't technically a NEED, but will make the job faster/easier/less frustrating, I'd like to hear about it.

Also, I’d appreciate recommendations on code readers/scanners. In the Saab world, relatively cheap Chinese clones of the GM Tech 2 scan tool are available, which allow the backyard mechanic to do everything the dealer can — right down to programming new keys. Is there anything like that for the Pilot?

(BTW: Installed a VCMTuner II this week.)
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