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My tires on the 2011 Pilot are wearing on the right side, just noticed this. The outer tread is wearing much faster than the inner tread. I looked at the rear tire and it is the same with abnormal wear as the front, on the right side.

I rotate them on schedule. I am surprised the tire guy did not mention this at the last rotation.

The car does not pull at all, and steering wheel is centered.

73k - tires replaced. Michelin Defender LTX
79k - tires rotated
86k - lower control arm compliance bushings replaced under extended warranty, dealer said they did an alignment
86k - tires rotated
96k - tires rotated
105k - current mileage

I know I need to get it in a shop and have the alignment checked.... but what can cause abnormal advanced wear like this - when the car doesn't pull and wheel is centered?
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