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Timing Marks are Off

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Hello everyone,

I decided to attempt to replace the timing belt and water pump on my 2006 Honda Pilot EX 3.5L on my own as I figure if the engine is bad, I could not harm it any further :).

Background, I noticed one day that my engine started hesitating on the road. After some research I also found that the noises my engine were making seemed to be diagnosed as tensioner and idler pulleys that might need replacement.

I immediately stopped driving the car at that time and did not want to cause major issues and have had it in the garage ever since. Now that I have time, I am following instructions via a Youtube video I found from 1A auto titled "How to Replace Timing Belt with Water Pump 05-12 Honda Pilot"

I got just past the step where I loosened the crank bolt and removed the crank cover ready to line up the timing marks. I have turned the crank clockwise various times and each time, the timing marks on the front cam line up to either the 1 or 5 position each rotation with the crank mark lining up as well. However, when I look at the rear cam, the mark is always either at about the 1 o'clock position when the front cam is at the 1 position, or at about 8 o'clock when at the 5 position.

According to the instructions, all marks should be TDC lining up with the timing mark on the back plate behind the cam wheel.

Is there a way to manually set this after removing the belt or am I going about this the wrong way. Not sure where to go from here so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.

For reference, below are several photos showing the positions of the cam marks per rotation. The position is very consistent each time I rotate the crank bolt clockwise 360 degrees alternating between the 1 and 5 mark per rotation.

Crank Marker Alignment
Automotive tire Gear Motor vehicle Bicycle part Rim

Front Cam 1 Position
Brown Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread

Rear Cam 1 Position
Crankset Automotive tire Gear Bicycle part Bicycle chain

Front Cam 5 Position
Tire Wheel Bicycle tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Rear Cam 5 Position
Automotive tire Locking hubs Wheel Vehicle brake Motor vehicle
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