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2011 Pilot EX-L
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Proven durability for 100k miles, unless your in a harsh climate or really working the engine hard. L.., change every 60k. I’ve installed this kit on multiple Hondas with V6 engines with no issues.
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Mitsuboshi Timing Belt
Aisin Water Pump
Aisin Tensioner
Koyo Tensioner Bearing
Koyo Idler Bearing

Purchase through a reputable dealer like RockAuto to ensure it’s genuine.

Yep, second time this kit has gone into our 2011 EXL, the one removed has no signs of wear to speak off.
I'll take the J-engine with a belt over any friggin' VAG chain-driven V8 with plastic guides and chains located in the back "because they would never fail" (curses in German).......
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