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Theft registration fee

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I was about to take delivery of my Pilot at a local dealer in Oregon.
While I was reading the dealer charge on the purchase order
I discovered an extra charge of $189 imposed by the dealership
called "theft registration fee". The sales manager explained to me that there is four digit number eched on the windshield by honda to register for anti theft program.
Anybody knows if this is a legitamate charge by honda or is just extra profit tag on by the dealer?
I would appreciate if anybody respond on this subject.

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It's the dealers doing...not Honda...

The Pilot's they get delivered from Honda don't have it on, nor does Honda have anything to do with it...He's getting you for $189 for 5 minutes of etching and registering it with some service he's in cohorts with (and probably a worthless program unless your insurance company gives you a discount for this "service")

I'm not sure how a "4 digit number" would provide any benefit on a piece of glass when they are already manufactured 5 digits worth of Pilots...

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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