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The Blob!

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Well, we had our one week anniversery of Pilot ownership today, overall we like it alot-fits our needs perfectly so far, but we also have some of the same problems as many of you do - ie: the clicking sound, the leaky driver's side washer nozzle, the jack storage space cover that dosn't quite fit right, and the passenger side rear door is a little harder to close than any of the others-door seal does sit a little differently than the other rear door (I haven't brought these to our dealers attention yet, I'll post any resolutions when we have them looked at).

The strangest problem of all though is this strange black rubber blob protruding from the top of the drivers side cargo area window - any ideas on what the heck it is?? It is pliable, almost like a melted door seal and the thinner edge did peel off, leaving some specks that were really stuck to the paint but I don't think the paint is damaged under it. The window seems secure and hasn't leaked so far. I did have the dealer look at it - the service manager had never seen such a thing before and the salesperson had seen it before and said it would be no problem removing it - thought it was part of the shipping protection. Anyway, they wanted me to wait for their paint and window specialist to see it before doing anything with it (of course he's off this week). So any opinions on what it is and if there may be any problems once they remove it.


2003 Nighthawk Black EX-L RES


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What did Honda do to resolve your problem?

Just looks like extra sealant to me. I am sure they can remove it without issue.
Looks like silicone sealant.
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