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Tax Deduction When Giving Away Old Toyota & Buying '04 Sagebrush EXL-RES with Chrome

I'm afraid I already know the answer to this.:8:

Rather than take $1,500 trade on my wife's old '95 Corrolla DX with 140,000 miles:roadtrip:, which really is in great condition because my wife changes the oil RELIGIOUSLY :6: every 2,999 miles, we decided to give it away to my wife's aunt.:claphead:

Both her husband and son are on permanent disability :headslap: and they could definitely use the car.

I'm sure there's no way I can claim this as a tax deduction because my aunt-in-law is not a registered charity.

But both her husband and son are on permanent disability:7:, so maybe there's some kind of provision written into the gazillion volumes of tax law that is written by Congress every year?:blahblah:

And if not, then why did all those Republicans get elected again?:soapbox:
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