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IBM to Enable Honda Drivers to Talk to Cars

July 29, 2002

Filed at 0:08 a.m. ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Can't find a restaurant? Running out
of gas? Down to your last dollar?

Tell it to the car.

International Business Machines Corp. said on Monday it
signed a deal with Honda Motor Corp. that will make it
easier for drivers to find the closest gas station or
restaurant by asking the car's computer for help.

IBM said Honda will offer in its 2003 Accord models, for
sale in September, a navigation system that is integrated
with voice recognition software and a small touch screen.

The voice recognition system works by touching a button on
the steering wheel and then speaking aloud. The software
then responds, using the car's audio system to give driving

The voice recognition software, based on IBM's ViaVoice
product, understands different speech accents and has a
larger vocabulary, according to IBM director of automotive
and telematics solutions Raj Desai.

``It's closer to the natural ability to have a dialogue,
rather than just remembering key words, which is what the
previous generation systems had,'' Desai said.

Companies including DaimlerChrysler AG have been building
cars with voice recognition and other wireless
communications-based services for years but it was still
not clear if there is a market for the technology, called

Ford Motor Corp., for instance, pulled the plug on its
18-month-old telematics venture Wingcast in June.

General Motors Corp. has the largest telecommunications
service system, called OnStar.

IBM said price information on the system was not available.

Now, why can't they do this on a Pilot?


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Another article on IBM's web site

Here is the text of the article:

IBM Technology Gives New Hondas a Voice

Embedded ViaVoice Powers Navigation System

SOMERS, N.Y. -- July 29, 2002 -- IBM today announced it has provided enhanced voice recognition technology
for a revolutionary new navigation system that will be a feature in select 2003 model Honda Accords.

With this system, drivers can ask for directions and hear responses over the existing car audio system,
allowing them to easily and efficiently reach their destinations without having to look at maps or stop and ask
for directions.

The new Accord, completely redesigned, will include the "Touch by Voice" navigation system powered by IBM's
Embedded ViaVoice technology and software developed jointly by IBM and Honda R&D. This latest in a series
of deals for IBM in pervasive computing and Telematics represents IBM's ongoing commitment to deliver
products that meet customer expectations in a wireless world. The new system has a vocabulary of
approximately 150 English-language commands and can recognize a range of accents.

To get directions, the driver uses the "talk" button, located on the steering wheel. The system can recognize
commands such as "find nearest gas station," "find nearest ATM" or "find nearest Italian restaurant." It also
provides driving directions to and from any specified address or location.

The technology is integrated into the car's audio system, so driving instructions can be heard over the
speakers. The Touch by Voice human voice recognition system is designed to minimize need for keyboard
entry. The system also links to climate control systems for added driver convenience.

The Honda Accord, one of the best-selling cars in America over the past 10 years, is all new for the 2003
model year and adds new style, performance and sophistication to the lineup. The new Accords are due to
begin reaching Honda dealerships Sept. 9.

"With this system, drivers can gain access to a range of services without taking their hands off the wheel,"
said Robert Bienenfeld, senior manager of product planning for American Honda. "It's more advanced than
anything else in the market today. IBM has over 25 years of experience in voice recognition technology, and
we're delighted to be working with the forerunners in this area."

IBM Embedded ViaVoice delivers IBM speech technology to mobile devices such as smart phones, handheld
personal digital assistants (PDAs), and automobile components. It supports a variety of real-time operating
systems and microprocessors. The Touch by Voice system uses IBM speech technology in its command and
control form of Automatic Speech Recognition that uses human speech to input commands into a mobile
device. In other applications, IBM speech technology also operates in text-to-speech mode, using synthesized
human speech to output text and other information from a mobile device.

"With Telematics, the car becomes part of the seamless user environment. We estimate that this sector
generated US$7.2billion in telematics service and equipment revenues in the US, W. Europe and Japan in
2001, and by 2007 is expected to reach over US$23billion for Terminals shipments and services combined,"
said Joanne Downie, Director of Strategy Analytics In-vehicle Telematics and Multimedia Service."

"Computing is entering a phase that goes beyond the PC and into devices and places not normally
associated with heavy computing power. This innovative navigation system, jointly developed by Honda and
IBM, is just one example of how IBM works with our industry partners to push the envelope in the emerging
area of pervasive, wireless and mobile computing, " said Raj Desai, Director, Global Automotive and
Telematics Solutions.

"IBM is helping companies in the petroleum, insurance, telecommunications, heavy equipment and
transportation companies, as well as governments around the world, take advantage of the new capabilities
Telematics technologies offer. From hardware to software solutions to consulting expertise that can align
business processes for greater efficiency and profitability, IBM is helping world-class customers like Honda
break new ground."

About IBM Pervasive Computing
IBM is the world's leading e-business company offering a wide range of services, solutions and technologies
that help businesses take full advantage of emerging innovation. IBM's pervasive computing and mobile
Internet strategy is to extend e-business applications to the new class of connected client devices. This
involves building, deploying and developing mobile applications by partnering with key players like
QUALCOMM, Ericsson, Intel, Motorola, Nokia, RIM and Palm; developing groundbreaking initiatives to set
open industry standards; and deploying a Business Innovation Services team with hundreds of wireless
Consultants. IBM also makes chips for a wide range of devices from the world's most powerful computers to
the smallest cell phones. IBM can be found on the Web at

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Wouldn't it be cheaper to have just signed a contract with On Star ...


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PrG said:
Wouldn't it be cheaper to have just signed a contract with On Star ...

NOOOOOO!!!!!! :28: Lets have NOTHING to do with anything associated with any of the Big 3, especially GM!!!!!

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OOoooh Yeah ... sorry my bad ... what was I thinking ...


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nascar_pilot said:

NOOOOOO!!!!!! :28: Lets have NOTHING to do with anything associated with any of the Big 3, especially GM!!!!!


I am the former NOT-proud owner of a Chevy Beretta. Never owned a car that was actually, I believe, demon-possessed before. Two weeks out of the dealership and the body was actually falling off the car. A used Yugo woulda been better than a Beretta. :22:

Just my two cents...

(P.S. - Just so this thread doesn't completely segway off ... I DID talk to my Beretta. Usually after the horrid little thing died, stalled, filled up the trunk with water, dumped water on me from the sunroof while I was driving, dropped the black rubber side strips off on the expressway, the door "froze" open, the passenger door bolts fell off ... yeah, I had a LOT to say to THAT little car!)

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I'm a Starlight Silver EX. :p I talk to my owner all the time but he never talks back. I just don't understand humans. :8:

I'm glad they're equipping my little sister (Accord's her name) with some voice recognition software so someone will listen to me. :2:

:1: :1:
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