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Tailgate and back up camera issues

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I have a 2014 Pilot Lx. The battery recently died so I took it out to get it replaced. 36 hours later I purchased a new battery and did the install myself. First connected positive and then negative. Everything was great... so I thought.

I noticed my rear tailgate is not unlocking and I cannot open it when I push the button from the outside. The rear window unlocks and opens fine but not the rear tailgate. All other doors also lock and unlock with remote or inside lock button.

On top of that, when I put the car in reverse my back up camera is not coming on. The screen remains off and displays either the radio functions or stays black if I have the power off.
Everything was working perfectly prior to me changing the battery. Did I short something out or is there a reset I need to do. Again everything was working normal and no signs of malfunctions with back up camera prior to me changing battery.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm guessing you blew the fuse for that circuit.

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