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Hey guys,
Just snagged a 2017 EX-L RES pilot, and am a little miffed with Honda over putting a DVD player in the EX-L res and a Blu Ray in the touring. A fact I only learned about after making the vehicle purchase (not that it would have changed my mind either way... but I digress)

I've done a whole HECK of a lot of searching/reading between the piloteers and odyssey forums but for the life of me cannot confirm if anybody has attempted this swap before. Closest I found was this post:

If your answer is to hook up a PI, a chromecast, or firestick; please save it. That is not the question I am asking.

I've believe I've found a local scrap dealer with a wrecked touring, and will confirm asap.

Has anyone here attempted this swap?
Has anybody removed the DVD or Blu Ray player, and possibly taken photos of the ip/bus connecter connected to the drive?
If the dealer does indeed have the part, I'm certainly not opposed to just buying the darn thing and having an answer to this question once and for all.

Any input will be greatly appreciated!
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