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This past Thursday I decided to let the local Subie dealer tackle the rear hub bearing replacement as I had no interest or time in beating the hub bearings out. Labor charge was reasonable for the work although the OEM parts were high. After the repair the droning noise was finally gone and the OB was pleasant to drive again. The technician performed a courtesy multiple point check up and stated my battery and tires were good which differed from my inspection. Last week I load tested the 5yr old battery twice and battery health was 55% and my tires were feathered thin at the outer and inner edges.
Today I inspected the dealer work on the rear hub bearing replacement and to make sure the lugs were not over tightened or cross threaded. I was not pleased that not only did they reuse the axle nut but made no attempt to lock the axle nut onto the CV shaft. A few taps from my punch and hammer and I was able to lock the axle nut. Most FSM recommend to use a new axle nut and I may consider it as soon as I find the specs…tough to get good service these days
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