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Stuck on Cost Pilot vs. Odyssey

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Here's my wife's car background since becoming a mom

1) Volvo XC 90
Loved the car --- only complaint was it was way too difficult to get to 3rd row.

2) GMC Acadia
Welcome improvement here getting to 3rd row, however, after leaving the Volvo she found the GMC "cheap" and not refined.
cheap plastic feel and systems not responsive, still felt a lack of space

3) Honda Odyssey
Loves her van --- great amount of space ease of access to third row -- good creature comforts.

So lease is up and it's time to swap out the van. 2 problems --- they're redesigned so they increased in price, and we live in a state that charges full tax on leases now. So cost is much higher.

Odyssey is $110 per month more expensive than a comparably equipped Pilot. We're seriously considering trying the Pilot now for that cost savings

We have two kids Ages 4 and 8 --- no car pooling but grandparents do visit often.

Has anyone transitioned from the Odyssey to the Pilot? How did it go for you?
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I miss my Odyssey so much! This is coming from the mom perspective! I had a 2010 and moved to a new Pilot.

What I miss about my Odyssey:
The height of the Pilot is taller and makes grabbing the 3rd row seats an issue. The strap is too far in and It’s hard to reach.

The storage space! My Odyssey has so much room in the back. I notice a difference without the big well in the back to put stuff in

My kids are older, but I do miss the sliding doors. One button push and the kids can climb safely in the car. Now I have to be close enough for the fob to unlock the doors.

Backseat would not be suitable for grandparents. They would need to be in a second row.

I miss a bench in the middle. But I wanted the BSM on the Touring elite.

My kids 7&9 couldn’t get in and out without running boards on my new Pilot.

I really do like my Pilot. I just loved my Odyssey. If you can do a test drive with your whole family and let your kids try getting in and out of the car - that made a big difference for me. Advise your wife to
“pack” everything in the cargo space to see if it will work.

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Look at other states to purchase your vehicle the tax can’t be that bad here in ny it’s horrible so I purchase my vehicles in nj or pa. The room you have in the odyssey you would miss in a pilot.

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We have both the Odyssey ('15 Touring) and Pilot ('17 Elite). The Odyssey is just a little larger than the pilot behind the 3rd row. The Pilot has the option of AWD. The Odyssey drives very much like a car whereas the Pilot drives like a small SUV. I think the Pilot ride is a bit more refined. Our Odyssey does NOT have the Honda Sense features and I LOVE those in my Pilot.

If cupholders are your thing, get the Odyssey. Blows the Pilot away. :)

Since the redesign, the motors are both the same. The Pilot gets better mileage than the older motor in the 15 Odyssey, probably about the same since the redesign.

Hope that helps.

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This thread is still on my Page 1 so I will bump up with a new question.

Current Odyssey vs Current Pilot. I can test drive it, but it does not tell me what it feels like to live with it.

  • I assume Odyssey would drive better because the vehicle is lower to the ground, aerodynamics, the Odyssey would feel more sporty comparing the two.
  • I assume Pilot would drive better because it just a bit smaller in length. So you don't feel like you are bring half your house.

What do you think about the two statements above, Pilot vs Odyssey? City-town, no off pavement driving. FWD vs FWD.
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