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Strut Replacement

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Would you recommend changing all the rubber parts with the struts or can I get away with just doing the struts?
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Please learn from my mistake. When you pull down the strut do NOT put it on the CV axles. Take a piece of cardboard and put it on top of the cv axle. Ask me why I’m sharing that with you.
Didya end up breaking or twisting the axle?
No I put it down on the boot. Got it all back together and took it for a test drive and when I got back I saw grease everywhere. So I got to then replace the cv axle.
damn, when I get around to getting all the needed parts together, I'll make sure to be careful.
The rubber associated with the strut itself, definitely replace. The other suspension components that have rubber is a judgement call. I’d replace dry cracked rubber parts. Sway bar bushings will begin to waller out and be less effective. Cracked rubber boots (ball joints, sway bar links ,CV axles) can eventually rupture loosing the grease.
Is it absolutely necessary to replace the strut mount bearing (51726-SZA-A01 )?
Screw it I'll order it as a just incase as I'd rather not have to do it again if I don't need to
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So I did a stupid and ended up popping out the CV axle boot when putting the strut back in... Well popped it out a couple times. Was able to get everything set back the way it was so hopefully it stays the way it supposed to. Gonna do the driver's side tomorrow.
Need to support the knuckle with a floor jack on disassembly. Hopefully the cv axle is ok
My issue was reassembly lol. Getting it off I had no issue specifically because I had the jack supported. But yes hopefully the CV axle is ok. Might be lacking some grease tho
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Also good call on replacing everything rubber. The only thing I ended up leaving original was the dust boot which was the only one that wasnt disintegrated just torn in some spots.
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