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Hi all,
2014 model. The starter/ignition has been a bit sluggish for the past year. I did put a new battery in several months ago, but that didn't really solve it.

So this morning, finally, we at first couldn't get it started.

The battery seems fine, all electronics turn on, radio, etc, AND the engine does turn over and will continue to while I hold the key in the ignition position.
After trying it 4 or 5 times, we left it for about 30 minutes, then I went out and tried it again, and it finally, sluggishly, started.
I then left it running for 5 minutes, turned it off. Then 30 seconds later started it again and it started up right away. that in fact a starter problem? Sluggish starting, and then better starting once warm (Nova Scotia, cold out now...)...?? Again, it has been like that for quite a while, probably over a year, this morning was the first time we actually had trouble getting it started.

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