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What were the DTC? I'd like to know how they concluded the L/R sensor state.

Did anyone reset the SRS module? This video might help. The Honda SRS result tool is nothing more than a looped pigtailed wire that says SRS on the wire with a white connector.

How-to | DIY | Honda Pilot | Airbag SRS Reset - YouTube

See is this the part you need

77930-S9V-P81 - Sensor Assembly, Front.Crash - 2005 Honda Pilot | Honda Factory Parts

They're OEM and $42 each, on back order. Start with connector corrosion elimination.

Testing Sensor Video

How to replace Honda Civic front SRS airbag sensor. Years 2000 to 2020 - YouTube

How to Test SRS airbag sensor status. OK or BAD sensor ? - YouTube
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