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The prodecedure listed in a previous thread here:

Originally posted by flyalteon
I don't believe the instructions for explicily resetting the SRS light are posted here they are!

I follow the procedure in my 04 service manual. It says to use a special tool (wire loop with a connector), but I use a piece of insulated wire (with insulation cut off the ends) and it works just fine. I think the special tool is just to decrease the chance you may damage the connector with the wire-ends. Just don't force the wire into the connector. I have done it a couple of times and it works perfectly.

By the driver's left foot on the sidewall you will see an uncovered fusebox. There, you will find a yellow connector (very similar to your home computer internet wire). Its the only yellow connector there.

1-) With the ignition switch to OFF, disconnect that connector (e.g. pull it out)
2-) Plug both ends of your wire into that connector you pulled out (e.g. one wire into each terminal of the connector)
3-) Turn the ignition switch to ON
4-) the SRS Light will come on for 6 seconds, then go off.
5-) Remove one end of the wire from the connector within 4 seconds of the light going off
6-) The SRS light will come back on.
7-) Push the wire end that you removed back into the connector within 4 seconds of the light coming back on.
:cool: When the light goes off, remove the wire (both ends) within 4 seconds.
9-) The SRS light will blink twice.
10- Turn the Ignition switch to OFF
11-) Put the yellow connector back in place.
12-) next time you start the car, the SRS light should come on for 6 seconds, then go off (normal operation)

I know some folks follow a procedure of pulling fuses, but these instructions are from the Honda Service Manual itself.

Worked perfectly for my 2003 Pilot.

I had to remove the passenger seat to get rotten milk smell out of the carpet. To do that I used a organic odor eating enzyme cleaner I picked up at a horse tack shop. The smell remover worked flawlessly. But I had the ignition on prior to reinstalling the seat since I wanted to make sure smell was gone for a few days.

Long story short the SRS light was on and would not extinguish I followed this procedure and the light is out and remains out.

One note the plug you will be jumping is plugged into a unused outlet on the same panel as the driver side fuse panel. It is yellow (the plug) on my 2003 pilot.
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