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Snow Chains

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What is the best way to outfit our pilot for snow chains?

Please advise.....

front only....rear only or all four?

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Re: Does anyone actually need them?

I don't know. As an experiment, I've taken my Pilot (with OEM Goodyears) through 12" of fresh snow and about 10" of more dense plowed/disturbed snow. No problems even without locking the VTM. I wouldn't attempt more than that because of the clearance (or lack thereof). If you exceed the maximum clearance of the vehicle (~8") by too much, you're asking for trouble.

Here in the NY area we have designated "Snow Emergency Routes": most highways and major thoroughfares. You must have snow tires or chains to drive on those roads during a declared snow emergency. So, theoretically, I could not drive to work in my Pilot during a snow emergency. Guess that's why God created telecommuting. :D
Snow Claws / Flex Trax

Looks like a pretty good design. Does anybody know how easy they are to get on and off? I don't think I'd ever need them, but if they were more reasonably priced they'd be good keep on hand.
Thanks, tennyball.

I wouldn't have expected it to be any easier than that. If you just did it once or twice, you could place indelible marks on the adjustments and it would be a lot easier; especially considering that you may be installing them in less than optimal conditions/frame of mind.
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1 - 3 of 80 Posts
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