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Bit of an odd question.

I have a 2008 Pilot EX-L with Navi with 190k miles on it. Just had it serviced within the past month - oil change with 0W20 oil (I believe), front rotors turned, and new front brake pads. ATF was black when we bought it at 180k miles and we did a triple drain and fill between 180k and 185k miles. MM was telling us to replace the ATF at the last oil change (at 189k miles) but given that it was just done at 185k and still looked and smelled great, mechanic said we could safely skip that. Ran perfectly for about 10 days. Suddenly one day we got a thudding that sounded like the rear passenger tire was flat (but all tires checked out great) - that resolved after about 1/2 a mile, then had a bit of an odd vibration for the next 20 miles, but then that resolved too. A few days after that, the acceleration got really sluggish and the car started shifting really hard.

When the car was having the odd vibration, I was driving very conservatively down the highway - about 60-65. Once it resolved the general speed of traffic on the highway slowed significantly - typically it's about 70-90+ in our area and this Pilot really loves doing about 75-80, despite my best efforts. Lately highway speeds are about 50-60. Yesterday morning it was so sluggish and shifting so hard I swore that I was going to have to go car shopping this weekend. Then I managed to get up to 70-75 on the highway and suddenly the car is running like a dream again - expected accelerations, softest shifts. I double checked the ATF and it still looked fantastic.

Is there something I should do? Some sort of fuel additive I should use? Some sort of maintenance that's needed?

You should replace all of your drive line fluids (ATF, VTM4 and transfer case) every 30,000 miles. Whenever you see maintenance code A136
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